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SP Deep Moisture Mask

Content:25ml x5 sheets
Free of synthetic fragrance, colorants, and parabens
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A sheet contains approx. 1 bottle of essence (25mL) for hydration boost in the skin. ※1


Each sheet contains 25 mL of skin hydration essence to help boost skin hydration.

Compound lifting collagen※2is designed for effective moisture penetration through stratum corneum. With extract of homegrown gromwell and other ingredients, one sheet mask contains moisturization comparable to a bottle of essence for a plump skin.

100% cotton sheet with a perfect fit

With appropriate thickness and softness, each sheet is capable of effectively delivering beauty ingredients all the way through the deep skin layers, such as the stratum corneum.

Double-layer design for the eye area

An extra layer is added around the eye area, where aging signs are more prominent, for enhanced repairment

In addition to compound lifting collagen and homegrown gromwell※3extract, popular beauty ingredients like yeast extract and royal jelly extract are added to prevent a dull skin resulted from dryness and to build a clear and clean look.

*For reference only

※Purpose: Moisturizing Ingredient

*For reference only

Free of 3 additivies

The product is free of Synthetic Fragrance, Synthetic Coloring Agent and Paraben.

※1 Deep into the stratum corneum. ※2 Skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredients ※3 Gromwell Root Extract(moisturizing ingredients) ※4 Moisturizing ingredients

How to Use

Take 1 piece at a time. Please do not reuse the mask.

After cleansing, lay the sheet mask on the face using the cut-outs and flat side as a guide.

Gently remove the mask after 10-15 minutes and dispose. Massage the serum leftover into the skin.


*How to use it with other PERFECT ONE products?
The following products are recommended to use before applying sheet mask:
PERFECT ONE SP Clear Essence, PERFECT ONE SP Whitening Lotion.

The following products are recommended to use after applying sheet mask:
PERFECT ONE gel products, PERFECT ONE Eye Cream, PERFECT ONE SP Whitening Concentrate.

Q.Q. Can it be used on other areas?
A.Yes. This product can be applied to any part of the body, especially those which are frequently exposed to sunlight, such as the neck and the back of the hands.
Q.What is the right order to use with other PERFECT ONE products?
A.Please use it after cleansing and SP liquid products, and before PERFECT ONE gel products.