SP Moisture UV

Free of:Synthetic Fragrance, Synthetic Coloring Agent, Paraben
Amount of use: for face only, use cream with about 1.5cm in diameter
※1:Moisturing Ingredients ※2:Gromwell Root Extract (moisturizing ingredients) 
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A smooth and easy-to-apply sunscreen gel that provides the highest level of protection against the sun※1 in Japan.

Product Features

The highest level of protection※1 against the sun in Japan

Sunscreen ability of SPF50+・PA++++※1.
To lessen the burden and stimuli to human skin, UV ray absorbing ingredients will be encapsulated, and block out UV ray effectively for a long period of time.

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Contains 45 moisturizing ingredients

Contains 45 moisturizing ingredients including Compound Collagen※2 and Gromwell Root Extract※3, to improve dry and loose skin problems caused by UV ray. This product blocks out UV ray completely and moisturizes your skin like a moisturizer do.

The light texture which prevents the sense of heaviness such as cakery, whitened and oily skin

Encapsulate excessive oil that causes oily skin with Hybrid Polymerization※5 Technique, to avoid whitened and uneven skin tone that often comes with high SPF products, and to maintain the refreshing, watery sensation on your skin.

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Ligthens up your skin instantly

The pink undertone that matches every skin tone, gives you a one-unit increase in skin color※1.

Free of 3 additives

The product is free of Synthetic Fragrance, Synthetic Coloring Agent and Paraben.

※1:Provide the highest level of sunscreen with highest SPF and PA value in Japan ※2:Skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredients ※3:Gromwell Root Extract (moisturizing ingredients) ※4:Up to stratum corneum ※5:Fine-particle powder foundation

[Suggested Amount]

About 1.5cm(For face only)

Put a moderate amount of cream onto your hand and apply it on your face with your fingers. Cover your face gently with your palms in the end.

Q.Can this product be used as foundation?
A. It can be used as foundation. If you wish to apply it on your face, we recommend applying it before putting on makeup, after applying your serum and other skincare products.
Q.Does this product provide protection against UV ray?
A. Yes, this product is marked with SPF50+ and PA++++. It delays skin damage due to UVB by 20 hours, compared to when nothing is applied. (SPA50)
It also delays the time of skin darkening due to UVA by more than 16 times.(PA+++)
Q.What is SPF?
A. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, it is a measurement of how long the damage caused by UVB can be delayed after applying the sunscreen.
Q.What is PA?
A.The abbreviation for Protection grade of UVA, it is a measurement of how long the dullness of skin caused by UVA can be delayed after applying the sunscreen.
So far, four levels of protection grade of UVA has been designated:
・PA+   :Provide UVA protection
・PA++  :Provide moderate protection with PPD factor between 2 to 4 against UVA ray.
・PA+++ :Provide good protection with PPD factor between 4 to 8 against UVA ray.
・PA++++:Provide excellent protection with PPD factor more than 8 against UVA ray.
Q.What is the correct procedure when using PERFECT ONE Skin Veil Milk together with primer?
A.Please use the products in the following order:①PERFECT ONE SP Moisture UV ②PERFECT ONE Skin Veil Milk ③Primer
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