One Minute

Volume:32 pieces(314ml)
Free of:Synthetic Fragrance, Synthetic Coloring Agent, Paraben
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帕妃雯 完美60秒早安面膜

An all-round nourishing mask for time-saving skincare routine in the morning.
Complete skincare routines of applying Cleanser※1・Essential Treatment※2・Toner with just one mask!


'PERFECT ONE One Minute', the mask that introduces a brand new "Morning Skincare Routine".
Let you ultilize the brief moment in your morning while applying the mask.
Take your time and enjoy the morning! Tidy yourself up, have your outfits figured out or enjoy a mellow coffee.

Wipe your face gently after applying the mask, to complete the cleaning and nourishing procedures!
Fill your morning with Citrus Fruits Extract※3 and tons of moisturizing ingredients, and create the smooth, bouncy, sparkling skin.
※1:By wiping ※2:Up to stratum corneum ※3:Grapefruit Extract, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice, Lime Juice(moisturizing ingredients)

Recommended to

  • Those who wish to shorten time spent on their morning skincare routine
  • Those who feel troublesome to lather and wash their face in the morning
  • Those who wish to take their morning skincare routine seriously


  • Point 1Just One!
    The simplified skincare routine in the morning.

    Just one piece of mask to complete all skincare routine including Cleaning※1, Essential Treatment※2 and Toner. The multi-purpose mask designed to be used in the morning.
    ※1:By wiping ※2:Up to stratum corneum

  • Point 2
    Contains Citrus Fruits Extract※1

    Contains citrus fruits extract※1 such as orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit, it fills your morning with a refreshing sensation. The mask also includes Fermented Pear Extract. Wipe your skin gently with the mask after applying it, and create a brand new bouncy skin.
    ※1:Grapefruit Extract, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice, Lime Juice(moisturizing ingredients)
    ※2:Lactobacillus/ Fermentation Broth of Pear Juice(moisturizing ingredients)

    ※Images for reference only ※Reason of addition:to act as moisturizing ingredients

  • Point 3A luxurious collection of
    36※1 moisturizing ingredients

    Contains 36※1 moisturizing ingredients including Compound Collagen※2, which is unique to PERFECT ONE, and Arbutin. Moisturize your dehydrated skin with a mask that is generously soaked with beauty essences.
    ※1:Contains Citrus Fruits Extract, Fermented Pear Extract
    ※2:Moisturizing Ingredients

  • Point 4A box with 32 pieces of mask
    Easy to use every morning

    The masks are put in a box with a simple lid, it is easy to take out and unfold. Exclusively designed for busy morning, the mask that does not fall off easily allows you to handle other things while applying the mask. 32 pieces in a box, this makes sure you start your day with a nourishing mask every morning.

Free of 3 additivies

  • 合成著色劑
  • 合成香料
  • Paraben防腐劑

Please apply the mask on your skin when you wake up in the morning.

Step 1
Take out the mask with both hands

Open the cover and take out the mask by holding the upper part of the mask.

Step 2
Apply the mask on the face

Align with your eyes and lip, unfold the mask and place it on your face.

Step 3
Remove the mask after one minute

Fold the mask and wipe your face with it. Lastly, please complete your skincare routine with serum, moisture gel or other skincare products.

Q.How does the mask feel?
A.It penentrates the skin well, it has a non-greasy and refreshing sensation after use.
Q.Is it fragrance-free?
A.Yes, it is free of fragrance.
Q.Can kids and babies use the product?
A.As skin of kids and babies are thinner than adult's, their skin barrier has not developed completely, so they are sensitive to irritating ingredients. If you wish to let kids or babies use this product, we recommend asking and confirm with a professional dermatologist before doing so.
Q.How long can the mask be stored?
A.If left unopened, the mask can last for 2~3 years. Please avoid leaving it at places under direct sun light or with temperature changes. Please finish the mask as soon as possible after opening, and do not reuse the used mask.
Q.Does the mask contain alcohol?
A.It does not contain alcohol(ethanol).