Whitening BB Cream

Free of:Synthetic Fragrance, Coal Tar, Paraben
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An All-in-one BB Cream that helps to maintain a smooth and white skin during daytime. Refurnishes spots and dullness perfectly, lets your skin emit a light and smooth shine※1 naturally.

Product Features

6 main features in one bottle

An All-in-one BB Cream that combines the effect of foundation, concealer, cream, serum, sunscreen and primer.

Spots※3 concealing※1 and whitening※2 in one attempt

Contains effective whitening ingredients Tranexamic Acid to suppress melanin production, and Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate※4 to smoothen reflected light. Refurnishes※1 spots and dullness with just a fine layer.

Long-lasting makeup that stays up to 15hours※5

The 'Smooth Stretching Formula' can fit into even the finest lines to absorb sweat and excessive grease, which then achieves long-lasting makeup※5 that stays up to 15 hours.

Stay moisturized even when wearing makeup

This product contains 36 moisturizing ingredients including Compound Lifting Collagen EX which is made up of 7 collagen with different functions, and Gromwell Root Extract※※7 that is owned solely by our company. You will be able to moisturize your skin which is damaged or dried due to external stimuli such as UV ray at the same time when applying makeup.

The watery texture that stretches perfectly and conceal imperfections naturally※1

The watery texture which can be applied easily, covers the concerned areas without effort※1.

Free of 3 additives

The product is free of Synthetic Fragrance, Coal Tar, Coloring Agent and Paraben.

※1:Depends on individual makeup conditions ※2:Suppresses melanin production, prevents dark spots and freckles ※3:Skin spot problems ※4:Titanium Oxide, Aluminium Hydorxide, Silicic Acid Anhydrate, Talc ※5:Makeup confirmed to last for 15hours(Based on survey by our company/Effect varies depends on individual)※6:Skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredients ※7:Oil-soluble Gromwell Root Extract-1 (moisturizing ingredients)

Suggested Amount

About 1cm

Pour the cream into your hands, and apply the cream on cheeks, forehead and chin. Smoothen the cream with your fingertip.

Apply the remaining cream in your palms on your nose, and press your face gently to let your makeup stay on your skin better.


Apply a little more on areas with more spots such as eye area to give better concealment.

Q.Can this product protect my skin from UV Rays?
A.The BB Cream will fall off due to sweat and oil, and may cause reduced effect.
Q.What is SPF?
A. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, it is a measurement of how long the damage caused by UVB can be delayed after applying the sunscreen.
Q.What is PA?
A. The abbreviation for Protection grade of UVA, it is a measurement of how long the dullness of skin due to UVA can be delayed after applying the sunscreen.
So far, four levels of protection grade of UVA has been designated:
・PA+   :Provide UVA protection
・PA++  :Provide moderate protection with PPD factor between 2 to 4 against UVA rays.
・PA+++ :Provide good protection with PPD factor between 4 to 8 against UVA rays.
・PA++++:Provide excellent protection with PPD factor more than 8 against UVA rays.
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