SP Face Powder

Volume:9g(With Powder Puff)
Free of:Synthetic Fragrance, Coal Tar, Paraben
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A face powder that creates a natural glow※1 like actual skin, and help maintain the perfect makeup.

Product Features

Creates natural glow like actual skin using light refraction

Contains face powder※2 with perfect refraction ability, gives your skin a radiant glow with a smooth texture like actual skin. Refurnishes ※2 skin problems such as pores and fine lines with the light refraction ability of fine powder, and gives a natural, glowing skin.

Constant moisturization and locks in makeup

Contains Collagen Powder※4 which combines Compound Collagen※4 and 3D Hyaluronic Acid※3. Locks in makeup and lets you look moisturized, this powder lets your skin stay in the perfect condition as if you just completed your makeup.

Silky and light, gives a refreshing and cleansed sensation

A powder with fine particle, feels silky smooth and refreshing when patted on your skin.

Free of 3 additives

The product is free of Synthetic Fragrance, Coal Tar, Coloring Agent and Paraben.

※1:Depends on individual makeup conditions ※2:Titanium Oxide, Silicon Dioxide ※3:Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer(moisturizing ingredients) ※4:Moisturizing ingredients ※5:Up to stratum corneum

Please apply the powder after finishing your makeup or when reapplying your makeup. Place the puff in the inner lid and make sure it is tightly pressed, shake the compact to hold appropriate amount of powder with the puff. Lastly, set your makeup by applying face powder evenly and gently.


Please use a clean puff when applying face powder.
In situations where the puff is dirty, please srcub it gently with neutral cleaner or cleansing soap. After cleaning it thoroughly, wipe the water off with a towel and let dry.

Q.Is there any recommended way of using the product?
A. Please remove excesive grease with tissue or by pressing gently with your palms after applying PERFECT ONE Whitening BB Cream. We recommend you to coat the puff with enough powder evenly and tap off the excess before applying on your face by pressing gently.
Q.Is the color of this face powder suitable for every skin tone?
A. Although this product has a pale pink color, it almost does not affect your original makeup at all. Please use the product at ease.