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SP Whitening Lotion

Free of:Synthetic Fragrance, Synthetic Coloring Agent, Paraben
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A whitening※1 lotion that provides deep nourishment reaching stratum corneum of skin that is exposed to UV rays, and is capable of preventing all rough skin problems.

Product Features

Contains Gromwell Root Extract Capsule※4 with high※2 penetrating※3 power

With exclusive techniques, we capsulize Gromwell Root Extract※5, extracted from Gromwell Root cultivated by our company, and add Gromwell Root Capsule※4 to our product. Capsulization of Gromwell Root Extract※5 provides better※2 penetrating※3 power. This ensures the moisturization of every single part of stratum corneum, which gives a watery sensation and prevents rough skin.

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Contains W brightening essence

Contains effective brightening ingredients of Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate and Water-soluble Placenta Extract. Repairs rough skin caused by UV rays and suppresses melanin production. Delivers the 2 effective ingredients※3 to where the skin needs them.

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Contains 35 types※6 of moisturizing ingredients

Contains 35※6 moisturizing ingredients such as Compound Collagen7 which is made up of 5 different collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Chamomile※8. Rapid absorption when used after washing face, provide your skin with the most best moisturization and regain elasticity.

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※Reason of addition:to act as moisturizing ingredients

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Refreshing and watery sensation

Gives a refreshing, nourishing and non-greasy experience.

Free of 3 additives

The product is free of Synthetic Fragrance, Synthetic Coloring Agent and Paraben.

※1:Suppress melanin production, prevent dark spots and freckles ※2:Compared to our previous ingredients ※3:Up to stratum corneum ※4:Oil-soluble Gromwell Root Extract-1, Hydrogenated Lecithin(moisturizing ingredients)  ※5:Oil-soluble Gromwell Root Extract-1 (moisturizing ingredients)  ※6:Contains※4 ※7:Moisturizing ingredients ※8:Chamomile Extract (moisturizing ingredients)

Suggested Amount

About 3cm
Take appropriate amount into your palms, apply the lotion on your skin by patting gently.

Note of use

We recommend using cotton pads to apply the lotion on days which you are constantly exposed to UV rays or when your skin is dry.
Saturate the cotton pad with lotion and leave the pad on the desired area for 5 minutes.

Q.Can I apply it on other parts of my body??
A.Yes, this product is suitable for every part of the body.
You can use this products on areas that are exposed to UV rays, such as neck and back of your hand.
Q.What is the correct procedure when used with other PERFECT ONE products?
A.Please use the lotion after washing your face, before applying moisture gel.
If you wish to use the lotion along with SP series products,
please apply the lotion after PERFECT ONE SP Clear Essence and before PERFECT ONE Oil Essence.
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