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SP Clear Essence

Free of:Synthetic Fragrance, Synthetic Coloring Agent, Paraben
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Contains EGF ※1 that can condition your skin effectively, this age prevention※3 essence is designed exclusively for those who are disturbed by skin aging※2.

Product Features

Increased※4 skin conditioning ingredients of EGF※1 to give watery, bouncy skin

Contains EGF※1, which existed in human body and is very important to the skin, and also FGF※4 and KGF※5 ingredients that help in keeping your skin moisturized and bouncy. Refurnishes the disrupted skin condition caused by aging, and gives a watery, radiant skin.

Receives certification from Japn ECG Association

According to Japan EGF Association which certifacates EGF amount※1 in cosmetics, only cosmetics that contain a certain amount of EGF※1 can be awarded with "Official EGF Guarantee of Quality" certificate by Japan EGF Association. PERFECT ONE SP Clear Essence contains EGF amount※1 designated by the association, it is a product certified by Japan EGF Association.

Help skincare ingredients penetrate the skin deeply

After years of researches, we carefully selected Penetrating Vitamin C※7, which contributes to the skin’s bounce recovery. Apply it right after cleaning your face will condition your skin to the right state, enhancing the effects of skincare treatment afterwards.

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The moisturizing ingredients needed by aging skin※2

Contains Encapsulated Gromwell Root Extract※8, which is developed by our company, to help solve the lack of bounce caused by aging. Multiple moisturizing ingredients such as Compound Collagen※9, Elastin, Hyaluronic Acid have been added at the same time. This gives your skin long-lasting moisturization and produce a watery, bouncy skin.

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※Reason of addition:to act as moisturizing ingredients

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The watery sensation of rapid absorption

Experience rapid absorption by the skin, enjoy the supreme moisturizing sensation.

Free of 3 additives

The product is free of Synthetic Fragrance, Synthetic Coloring Agent and Paraben.

※1:Human Oligopeptide-1(moisturizing ingredients)  ※2:Skin problem as we age  ※3:Skincare due to skin aging
※4:In comparison with previous product (January 2019) ※5:Human Oligopeptide-13(moisturizing ingredients)
※6:Human Oligopeptide-5(moisturizing ingredients)  ※7:Up to stratum corneum
※8:Gromwell Root Extract (moisturizing ingredients), Hydrogenated Lecithin (moisturizing ingredients) 
※9:Moisturizing ingredients

Suggested Amount

About 2cm

Please use after cleaning your face. Take appropriate amount into your hands, apply gently on concerned areas such as eye and lips area.

Cover your face with your palm, apply the essence evenly on your face by tapping gently and avoid scrubbing.

You can apply the essence again on areas where you feel dry or hope to improve.

Q.Can I apply it on other parts of my body?
A.This product is suitable for every part of the body. You can use this to remove waterproof sunscreens and others on your neck and V zone.