Whitening Gel

Volume:75g (With Spatula)
Free of:Synthetic Fragrance, Synthetic Coloring Agent, Paraben
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In the All-in-one moisture gel which enjoys high popularity, PERFECT ONE Whitening Gel is recommended to those who wish to hydrate and brighten※1 their skin in one attempt.

Ideals for these people
  • Hope to work on both moisturizing and brightening※1
  • Concerned with dark spots※2 on face area
  • Wish to stop dark spots appearance
  • Hope to lock in moisture for your skin
Product Features

Combines 6 main skincare effects into one

An All-in-one moisture gel which combines the effects of toner, serum, lotion, cream, mask and make-up primer.

Enhanced clear skin with brightening active ingredients and saccharification inhibitory ingredients

Contains tranexamic acid, which repairs UV-damaged skin, and ingredients that prevent dullness due to glycation of the skin.

Formulation with supreme penetrating power to reach the source of dark spots※2 production effectively

Delivers brightening essence※3that lacks penetrating power deep into the skin, reaching the source of dark spots※2 production.

Contains self-manufactured W brightening essence ──Licorice Extract※4

W brightening essence, Licorice Extrac※5, and Glabridin※5 can hydrate the skin and lock in moisture.

Contains Compound Lifting Collagen EX※6

Contains Compound Lifting Collagen EX※6 To give aging skin※7 more elasticity and a sparkling look, we added Compound Lifting Collagen EX, which is made up of 5 different types of collagen※6. Starting from skin surface, it penetrates to every single corner of stratum corneum, tackling skin dryness caused by external environment and completely moisturizes your skin.

※Image for reference only

Refreshing and smooth sensation

A dense and creamy gel, yet it feels refreshing and non-greasy when applied. Immerse your skin in the smooth and watery sensation.

Free of 3 additivies

The product is free of Synthetic Fragrance, Synthetic Coloring Agent and Paraben.

※1:Suppresses the growth of melanin to prevent dark spots and freckles ※2:Caused by UV ray ※4:Glabridin、Licorice Extract(moisturizing ingredients) ※5:Moisturizing ingredients ※6:Skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredients ※7:Skin problem as we age ※8:Up to stratum corneum


About 2cm
(One scoop with spatula)

Notes of use

We recommend you to apply moisture gel once more before sleep during dry seasons.

Please wash your face before applying.
Apply gel gently on your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.

Smoothen the gel gently in an upward, outward direction from the center of your face. Please use your fingertips to avoid scrubbing your skin.

After smoothing the gel evenly, cover your cheeks gently using your palms as if applying a mask for 30 seconds for maximal absorption. More gel can be applied on eye areas that get dry easily.

Q.Can I apply it on other parts of my body?
A. This product is suitable for every part of the body.
This product is also recommended to be applied on other body parts which may expose the actual age, such as neck and fingers.
Q.Must I use the exclusive spatula which comes with the product?
A.PERFECT ONE Moisture Gel contains only the least amount of necessary preservative ingredients, in hope of lessening the burden of our skin.
To make sure every customer enjoys our product at ease to the end, we recommend using the spatula to scoop the gel, as it would be difficult to maintain good hygiene if hands are used directly.
If there are remaining gel on the spatula, please tissue them off and keep the spatula in a clean environment.