※1: Perfect one/Perfect one series receive the award for sales, starting May 2006 to August 2020 (Including Perfect One series). ※2: Based on survey by Osaka General Planning Center (Sales ranking of Skincare Products from January to December 2015) ※3: Fuji-Economy 2019 Cosmetic Market Overview (Moisturizers and All-in-one Category/Manufacturer, Market Share), Perfect One ranked top in brand sales in 2018.

6 Main Skin Care ALL IN ONE
A Dreamlike Moisture Gel

The population of charismatic women, who do not wish to be disturbed by their age and give postive vibes everyday in their busy life, is growing today. To maintain positivity everyday, it is essential to have 'a healthy and moisturized skin' .
Knowing this, Shin Nihon Seiyaku continues their researches relentlessly, and reconsider what the most important thing to skin is. And the conclusion reached, is to 'focus solely on the essences'. There are a lot of different options out there, while we extract only the essences.
'PERFECT ONE Moisture Gel', the masterpiece which is the crystallization of wisdom and technology of Shin Nihon Shinyaku,
provides only the most essential ingredients to every women.

We make full use of every ingredient, with collagen on the top of our list.

We extract only the neccesary ingredients to create the perfect skin even without makeup. We believe it is very important to ultilize all the ingredients and create the greatest effect possible.
We pay utmost attention to collagen, which is said to make up 70% of our skin.
However, the quality of collagen will decline sharply as we age.
Thus, we make adjustments in accordance to the changes of collagen and develop 'Compound Collagen※2', which adapts to the constantly changing characteristic of the collagen, and use them in support of 'PERFECT ONE Moisture Gel'.
Apart from that, we also cultivate our own precious chinese herbs in our Medical Plants Research Institute, extracting the essence of Ginseng and use it in our products.
Using only the most essential ingredients to create the greatest effect, enables us to take only the simplest steps to fight against skin-aging, which has been seen as a difficult problem.※3.

Moisture retention, both quanlity and quantity of collagen in our skin will decline as we age, as well as our skin elasticity. Thus, Perfect One has made extensive use of 'Compound Lifting Collagen EX', which is made up of 7 different types of collagen, including 'Concentrated Moisturizing Collagen※5', which can detect dry skin surface and penetrate deeply into skin's surface to release hydrating ingredients continuously, as well as the deeply nourishing 'Oil Collagen※6'. This allows the moisturizing ingredients to penetrate deeply※7, and retain moisture in our skin.

Shin Nihon Seiyaku Technology 1

Golden Ratio

To obtain the most beautiful skin, we coordinate collagen application to the strength of every product, and devote ourselves to finding the golden ratio at its perfect balance. This enables us to fight against aging with only the simplest steps.※3

Shin Nihon Seiyaku Technology 2

The Penetrating Powers of "Each Playing Its Own Roles※1"

We have precise goals, 'stay in skin layers, penetrate to every corner of our skin... We take the necessary ingredients to where they are needed.'

We cultivate our own precious chinese herbs,
and use ingredients like 'Gromwell Root Extract'.

To let our customer feel safe and at ease, Shin Nihon Seiyaku started growing the chinese herbs for our products in our Medical Plants Research Institute since 2008. We put in effort to study 'Licorice' which is frequently used in chinese medicine, and the extract from 'Gromwell Root' that is used in cosmetics and dyes. Cultivating more than 20 types of chinese herbs, researching on how to attain greatest effect on skincare; We commit ourselves to research and development, aiming to provide products of the highest quality.

※1: Up to stratum corneum ※2: Act as moisturizing ingredients ※3: Skincare procedures in accordance to different age ※4: Skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredients ※5: Act as moisturizing ingredients ※6: Instearoyl Hydrolyzed Collagen(moisturizing ingredients)※7: Up to stratum corneum
The request for safety and high quality

It is precisely because we are Shin Nihon Seiyaku, that we can answer to our customer's request for safety and quality.

'Our mission is to use technology and bring out the greatest effect of every ingredient. We shall continue our researches with no fear to see failures and mistakes, only to pursue high quality products.'

Shin Nihon Seiyaku
The Person Responsible for Product Development

Tomoguchi Kazumitsu